About Us

Dr. Kazem Ben. Afsharha, a prominent educator with more than 39 years of international experience in education, founded the Kaveh Educational Centre Inc. in 1990. Tutorial services for all grades and levels were provided at K.E.C with a deep and sincere care for all aspects of students' well being.

As demand grew, Dr. Ben. founded the Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School in 1991, in order to impart his educational philosophy of the right balance between emotional, social, moral and educational excellence of students.

This holistic approach to education (the hallmark of the school) makes Kaveh Academy P.S.S truly exceptional and gives it a particularly high and indeed unique position in comparison to other private educational institutions.  Throughout almost a decade of successful operation, we at the Kaveh Academy have never ceased in our efforts to offer students the very best quality of education and personal care.

The Kaveh Academy offers you new and improved facilities, qualified staff that truly care about students, and expert management who operate with a philosophy of education which places the students' needs and well being above all else. We are an educational institution based firmly on the sincere belief that studentsí goals, needs, and overall well being, are the true focus of education.

"Without students' goals and desires, education would prove meaningless; and without quality education, goals and desires would be unattainable."  

Dr. K. Ben Afsharha.

So join us and share our philosophy; join us, and be your best.



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