From the Principals:

I would like to begin with by thanking you for considering the Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School as your institution of learning.  We offer new facilities and resources as well as  qualified, caring instructors, to make your experience at our school as pleasant and productive as possible.  Throughout our ten years of operation, we have had the privilege of seeing each and every on of our students reach their post secondary educational goals.  I am proud to say that with your motivation and effort, and our resources and instruction,  you too can reach your future educational goals and make your dreams a reality at The Kaveh Academy.

The Kaveh Academy P.S.S began as an educational tutoring center in 1992 based on the philosophy that every student is unique and special, and deserves to be treated as such.  We also believe, that marks and examinations need not be a source of anguish and fear, but instead a measure of understanding acquired through patient and diligent study.

Since then, we have expanded our educational services to two conveniently located campuses around the GTA, offering high quality private secondary education based on our original philosophy.  We also continue to offer tutoring services in all subjects for students of all ages.

Personal care and attention, discipline, and success are the Hallmarks of the Kaveh Academy P.S.S.

Dr. Kazem Afshahra
, Founding Principal.



A school is a delicate web of people held together by their common love of learning and the aim of preparing students for a successful future.  We believe that the teachers of The Kaveh Academy combine knowledge, experience and care in a way that enables their students to flourish.  Since our classes are very small, students get the sort of personal attention and academic help that is impossible when numbers grow too large.

We help students to focus on academic success by creating a warm learning atmosphere free of the distractions and stress engendered by crowded classrooms, unhealthy habits and excessive competition.  We believe that respect and tolerance between all members of a school is an essential component of private education.

If you think this is the type of school that would meet your expectations, please call to make an appointment in order to become more acquainted with what we have to offer.


Mrs. Sherril Pennington




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