Why Choose Kaveh?

Because we are a small school, we, at Kaveh, are able to provide a setting where students can feel good about themselves.  It is our experience that when students are free of social pressures in large schools, they can develop their academic skills and be successful.

At Kaveh, we stress the importance of family, behavior and morality.  We strive, in all aspects of our curriculum, to impart a strong message to our students that other cultures can co-exist within Canada’s multi-cultural society.  Each teacher is carefully selected for his/her subject knowledge and ability to teach effectively.  Our teachers demonstrate through example, that behavior and moral values are part of the curriculum. 

At Kaveh, we pride ourselves on having developed a unique “school culture” where the expectations of our students are clearly articulated.  We have developed a Code of Ethical Behavior based on universally accepted values and we expect our students to abide by these standards.  We welcome students from all backgrounds, cultures, and religions.  We are very much aware of the difficulties that young people new to Canada face when confronted with values that may be in conflict with their own traditional values.  In order to bridge the gap between cultures, we provide guidance necessary for students to adjust as easily and comfortably as possible to their new Canadian society.  Many young people are overwhelmed by the variety of lifestyles and values that they encounter in larger schools.  Because of our unique approach to education which addresses students' overall well being, we have been successful in working with adolescents who have experienced difficulties in other school systems.

Kaveh Academy is a unique private school.  Above and beyond the general student, we serve students who need a more stimulating program than those offered at other schools.  As well, we provide programs geared to individuals' specific requirements.

Kaveh Academy features small classes of no more than 18 students. The school offers a full curriculum based on Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines for grades 9-OAC.

We want our students to achieve success.  That is why we make sure our students have a number of people to whom they can turn for help or advice.  In addition to subject and grade teachers, there are support staff and administration who offer students on-going guidance, counseling and advice. 

Kaveh Academy is also "community".  Students develop strong, long-lasting ties to the school and make friendships that last a lifetime.





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